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Project Details

Swimming Nature provide 1-2-1 and small group private swimming lessons for children.

Run by passionate swimming teacher Eduardo Ferre, the company has taught thousands of children to ‘swim beautifully’ over the last 20 years.

With locations around the country, but concentrated in London, the main problem for Swimming Nature was securing new customers. The key difficulties being finding the market for this premium product (a term of 1-2-1 lessons can cost upwards of £400) and communicating the advantages of the Swimming Nature method that encourages children to feel at one with water.

How we've helped to solve the problem

Swimming Nature needed to differentiate their product from generic group swimming lessons.

The company needed to prove – to an online audience who would often learn about them simply by Googling ‘kids swimming lessons’ – that the Ferre Method of teaching swimming was higher quality, more fun, and resulted in a lifelong love of swimming in water.

To achieve this Elios helped the company clarify the messaging, focussing on the Swim Beautifully tagline. This was followed by an update of the website to make the online process much simpler for parents who were looking to enrol their children… the key information they needed being (A) Where are the closest lessons? (B) What Level should my child start at? and (C) How Much does it cost?

Once the website Process was updated and working smoothly, the task became about finding more customers. This was achieved by creating quality videos of the Swimming Lessons in action which were used to target key demographics on Facebook and Instagram to create ‘custom audiences’ of video views. Then, Remarketing via Facebook and Google Display Network used strong campaign messages, and in some cases Lead Ads to drive web traffic into the sales funnel.

From there data capture meant the company’s sales team could follow up with a phone call to complete the booking.

Project Media

Thanks to Eduardo Ferre, Alex Ferre, Elle Henley at Swimming Nature. Wild Street Productions. Progressions Design. Better Fitness Business.

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