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Everyone Active

United Kingdom

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Project Details

Everyone Active are the largest operator of leisure centres in the UK.

They work with over 60 local authorities to operate these facilities and, every day, help thousands of people to keep healthy and active.

The project with EA has evolved over the last 5 years. Essentially, the company needed to evolve a reliance on older ‘on-site’ sales methods (at which they are excellent) to be able to attract, engage, and convert customers online.

How we've helped to solve the problem

Initially, Google Search Ads (aka Adwords) were added to each month’s campaign media list to drive significant traffic to the website

These were tracked to enquiry stage using UTM tagging that followed each membership enquiry into the Sales Lead Portal in the company’s CRM system.

After a time, and some tweaks to the Tacking systems online, our online advertising presence was broadened to include Facebook Ads – sometimes static ads, sometimes Lead Ads, and sometimes videos to create reusable custom audiences from which we would then run Facebook Remarketing campaigns (though not yet GDN… that’s still to come!).

Whilst this advertising activity increased the number of enquiries significantly, it became clear that the number of ‘sales conversions’ from a one-off online enquiry was relatively low compared with an in-site enquiry. Therefore, Elios Marketing set about setting up a series of CRM Journeys (working closely with Rachael Maglinone and the Atreemo software team) that increased the sales conversion ratio by 7% per month.

Driven by the RoI figures to justify and direct each iteration, many tweaks and updates have been made over the last 2 – 3 years and (although much of the financial information remains understandably confidential) I am pleased to be able to say we increased the Average Lifetime Value (LTV) of each customer significantly to over £180 per person

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Thanks to Alison Ford and Rachael Maglione

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